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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

Inspired to believe, Inspired to achieve



At Kings Hill School and Nursery, our intent is:

  • To build scientific knowledge and acquire scientific vocabulary sequentially developing conceptual understanding progressively through each year group.
  • To explore ideas by developing scientific enquiry and investigative skills such as observing and classifying and be able to apply mathematical skills to support their interpretations and analysis.
  • To become curious scientists asking questions about the world around them, and using their knowledge and skills to seek answers and draw conclusions.
  • To acquire knowledge of the uses and implications of science both today and in the future and experiment, question and analyse with responsibility, resilience respect, courage and cooperation.


We are currently trialling the new Kent Science Scheme of work. 

We are committed to implementing this vision by providing stimulating, practical experiences for all children in the school, weekly. Consequently, promoting a responsibility for independent learning, fuelling their natural curiosities and nurturing a love for scientific enquiry and knowledge. Lessons will be sequenced, demonstrating progression and cohesion throughout each topic. Learning will be enhanced and enriched through the use of school trips and visits from scientific experts. Children will have the opportunity to work collaboratively, fostering scientific discussion and sharing knowledge and experiences. Classroom displays will exhibit key questions and key vocabulary, ensuring children are exposed to these.


Children will use a range of skills including observations, planning and investigations, and encouraged to question and explore the world around them. They will have the opportunity to learn about key scientists linked to their topics, and how science has developed over time through the discovery of life changing scientific theories.


The impact of our Science curriculum is that all children develop the scientific knowledge and skills needed to be successful at Key Stage Three science. 


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