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Online Reservation System

We now have a system that enables Key Stage 2 children to browse and reserve library books online from home. Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be physically visiting the library during lesson time and therefore will not need to borrow online.

Reservations will then be scanned out from the library by the school Librarian and the relevant books will be delivered to classrooms.

Copy and paste the following link to navigate to the school’s Junior Microlibrarian library site:

You will see this screen:

Click on ‘Logon’ and enter your Teams ID and password. Reminder cards are being handed out in school for those who may have forgotten. IDs and passwords are case sensitive so be very careful with upper and lower case letters. If you have entered the information correctly.

The next screen that you see – your ‘Home Page’:

Use the search box to type in a title or an author and as you type the third letter, a drop-down box of several options appears on the left-hand side of the search box.  Finish typing and click in the circle alongside ‘title’ or ‘author’ so that a black dot appears. If you don’t click in the relevant circle, you will only have very limited results.

To get the best search results, just type an author’s surname, not first name or initials, and keep titles simple: to find the 13-Storey Treehouse, just type ‘Treehouse’. The search engine is pretty sensitive, and some of the book titles loaded over the years may have abbreviations that don’t always make searching straightforward.

For example, a search of ‘Rowling’ and clicking on ‘author’ brings up the following screen:

Clicking on ‘next’ will take you to the next page of records. If you hover the mouse over any title picture, it will show you how many copies are currently available in the library.

If you click on a title, you will see a screen like this:

From here, you can click on the green ‘Reserve’ circle in the top right hand corner to reserve the book; you will see that a small number 1 appears in the green circle to indicate that you have placed one reservation. Click on ‘close’ to bring back the search box if you wish to look for another title. You can also search by ‘keywords’.

Typing in the word ‘Egypt’ and clicking in the keywords circle brings these results:

Children in years 3-6 may reserve two books and children in years R-2 can reserve one. There is a (centrally set) issue with the system whereby it will allow children to reserve book(s) even if they already have a book outstanding. It will also permit a reservation if a child has already borrowed the maximum number of books (currently set at two for years 3-6 and one for R-2). It is only when the librarian attempts to physically scan a reserved book out that the system will warn of an outstanding book (or maximum number of loans). In such a case, the book cannot be loaned out - the pupil will be notified and the reservation will remain as pending until books are returned to school.

Some of the system functionality is not currently operating. For example, the ‘Enquiry’ triangle on the Home Screen does not list items as it should, so utilising the ‘Search’ bar is by far the best method to find a book or author. We are trying to keep the system as simple as possible, whilst still allowing children to obtain library books, and the above methods should allow them to do so.


Follow the link below for the best books recommended for your year group:

If you encounter problems, please contact the Librarian by email: