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Year Two

Welcome to Seahorse Class!

Our teachers are Mrs Ratcliffe  and Mrs Hobbs . Our teaching assistant is Mrs Wilcher.


 Welcome to Turtle Class!

Our teacher is Miss Valentine . Our teaching assistant is Mrs Hatfull



Summer Term  2022       

Welcome back to Year 2. We hope you had a lovely break and we are looking forward to a hard-working and fun term with you all. 

Below is an outline of the learning that will take place this term.

English Key Text: Tuesday by David Wiesner

Focus: To use visual literacy to infer and to write a non-chronological report using apostrophes for contractions and possession. To correctly punctate most sentences using ?, !, . and '. 

Mathematics: To apply knowledge of the four operations to solve mathematical problems. To describe position, movement and turns. 

Science: To be able to sort and classify animals using amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles. To understand the vocabulary and meaning of herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. 

History:  To look at significant changes in shopping from 1950s to now. To understand the passing of time from 1950s. Placing West Malling on a map on Kent. To understand the changes in living memory and beyond. 

Music: to successfully combine and layer several instrumental and vocal patterns within a given structure. To use letter name and graphic notation to represent the details of their composition.  

DT: To generate ideas, plan and build a free standing structure from reclaimed material. 

Computing:  Programming. To know a sequence of commands have a start and an outcome to create a a program using a given design. 

PSHE: Changing Me

RE: To understand what happened during God's creation and how we should care for the world. 

PE:  Tennis. To know how to use a forehand shot to return a ball using a tennis racket. To be able to aim and hit a ball in a certain direction.  PE days will be on a Tuesday and Friday.  Please ensure your child comes into school dressed in their PE kit and they are not wearing earrings.


 For more information on our remote learning offer for those of you learning from home, please click here

Click here to see the reading, writing and maths expectations in Year 2

For more information on the learning taking place this term, please see the Year 2 curriculum map below.

Curriculum Maps

Term 1 Curriculum Map 

Term 2 Curriculum Map

Term 3 Curriculum Map

Term 4 Curriculum Map

Term 5 Curriculum Map

Term 6 Curriculum Map

Class Timetables

Year 2 Class Timetable

Homework in Year 2

Daily Reading

We encourage all children to read at home daily and a note to be written in their reading record book. If the school book has been completed then please read and share any other books or comics that you have at home. These can also be record in the reading record and count towards the number of daily reads. School books will be changed on Monday and Thursday

Daily Reading

We encourage all children to read at home daily and a note to be written in their reading journal. If the school book has been completed then please read and share any other books/comics you have at home. These can also be recorded in the reading journal and can count towards the number of daily reads. 


Spelling will be sent home on a Tuesday and will tested the following Monday. 

TT Rockstars

We suggest working on TT Rockstars for 15 minutes a week; however you can do more should you wish. Specific timestables will be set for your child and this programme aims to increase the fluency of these. This is an online maths game that can be accessed on tablet, ipads and desktops. 

 English in Year Two

Reading in Year Two

Similar to Year 1, children will be listened to on a weekly basis in a guided reading group. This guided reading session is timetabled to enable the children access a different English based activity everyday e.g. a comprehension activity or a  Spelling, Punctuation and/or Grammar (SPaG) related piece of work.

Continuing from Year 1, the children are taught to read accurately by blending the sounds in words that contain the graphemes taught so far, especially the alternative sounds for graphemes. By the end of Year 2, a child should be able to read books written at an age-appropriate interest level with accuracy. They should also be able to read at a speed that is sufficient for a child to focus on understanding what is read rather than sounding out individual words.

Writing and SPaG in Year Two

Throughout Year 2, children will have the opportunity to learn and develop their key skills of writing. By the end of Year 2 we would like all children to spell words in a phonetically plausible way, even if sometimes it is incorrect. They should be able to write down ideas that have been composed orally and letters should be orientated correctly. They should be able to use age-appropriate vocabulary, grammar and punctuation concepts correctly.

Maths in Year Two

 Our curriculum map outlines our maths learning throughout the year. In regards to number, children will be taught to compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100 and to use place value and number facts to solve problems. 

In measures, children will be encouraged to solve simple problems in a practical context involving addition and subtraction of money including giving change. 

In fractions they will learn how to recognise, find, name and write fractions 1/4, 1/3, 2/4 and 3/4 of a length, shape and set of objects or quantity.

In multiplication and division they will recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table including recognising odd and even numbers. They will also solve problems involving multiplication and division.