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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Year One

Welcome to Meerkat Class

Our teacher is Miss Winterbottom Our teaching assistants are Mrs Hudson and Mrs Murphy. 


Welcome to Lemur Class

Our teachers are Mrs Clayton and Mrs McCarville Our teaching assistant is Mrs Johnson. 


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Autumn Term  2022

Welcome to Year 1. We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and we are looking forward to a hard-working and fun term with you all. 

Below is an outline of the learning that will take place this term.

English Key Text: The Ugly Five and Lila and the Secret of Rain

Focus: To write simple sentences using capital letters and full stops correctly and to be able to talk through my words before writing. 

Mathematics: To be able to count on and back from 0 to 30; practically partition 2 digit numbers within 10 and to find 1 more and less than a given number. 

Science: To be able to identify a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including naming animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

Geography: To be able to identify key features on a map and human and physical features. To draw an aerial map of our school. 

Music: Hey you! To listen to a variety of music from different styles, traditions and times. To start using correct basic musical language to describe the music you are listening to.   

DT: To be able to select the correct tools and explain their choices. 

Computing: To be able to use Beebots by creating instructions and understand what an algorithm is. 

PSHE: Being Me!

RE: To understand who Christians, Jews and Muslims are and what they believe.  

PE: To be able to travel in different  ways and hold still positions; linking balances and travelling actions together.  Year 1 have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays and children are to wear their PE kit in to school on those days. 

For more information on our remote learning offer for those of you learning at home, please click here 

For more information on the learning taking place this term, please see the Year 1 curriculum map below.

Curriculum Maps

Term 1 Curriculum Map


Class Timetable

Meerkat Class Timetable

Lemur Class Timetable 


Homework in Year 1

Daily Reading

We encourage all children to read at home daily and a note to be written in their reading record book. If the school book has been completed then please read and share any other books or comics that you have at home. These can also be record in the reading record and count towards the number of daily reads. School books will be changed on Monday and Thursday


Every Friday we will send home a phonics book with the sounds we have learnt during the week. 
Please practise these with your child at home and see if they can come up with any other words that have these sounds in. Please ensure that the phonics books are returned by Thursday the following week so new sounds can be given. 


We suggest working on Numbots for 15 minutes a week, however, you can do more should you wish. Specific work isn't set on Numbots, Children will work through the activities at their own pace. This is an online maths game that can be accesses on tablets, ipads and desktops. Log-ins will be sent out to all children in the first week of Year 1.