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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

Inspired to believe, Inspired to achieve

VbE in action at Kings Hill

Every classroom has a working values area, where children can consider the termly value and reflect on their own behaviour and actions. Class text books, not only deliver our English curriculum, but are used to explore values and morals. For example, Year 3 discuss how the farmers cooperated to capture the Iron Man.

Children make cards with their top 3 favourite things to do. Lonely children can read the cards to find out who likes doing the same as them at playtimes, and then join them on the playground. For example skipping, or playing football.

Real life values are celebrated and promoted.

We expect children to demonstrate the values consistently throughout their day. For example, by helping others. However, values tokens are awarded when children exceed this expectation and demonstrate an exceptional understanding of a value. For example, showing resilience during a particularly difficult task. Children love to see their House Values grow!

Screens keep everyone up to date with the latest Talking Point Question. The Talking Point assembly is a democratic debating assembly that takes place weekly.

Pupil Voice is thriving.

Year 5 children showed responsibility, devising their own ballot and voting democratically, without the teacher even knowing!

Children cooperate to solve a maths problem.

Children are encouraged to discuss their worries confidentially, using the worry box which is available in every classroom. Helping hands booklets help build self help techniques, with space for children to reflect and offer their own advice to others. Younger children draw pictures to represent this.