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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

Inspired to believe, Inspired to achieve

Public Speakers

Who Are We?

We are Kings Hill School’s Public Speakers. It is our job to speak to others and inspire them; even making change at times too. We meet with Mrs Marshman weekly and discuss topics that we are interested in.

We learn how to engage an audience by using intonation, body language and voice projection. We sometimes use a bit of humour in our speeches – nobody likes a boring speaker do they?

How We Make A Difference...

We choose topics that we are passionate about and spread our message to others. Sometimes we speak in assembly to empower the rest of the children. We want children to know that their view is important and that they should feel able to talk about it freely. We also enjoy speaking within our community and telling everyone about our wonderful school. We are even planning a trip up to Speakers’ Corner in London!

Our News