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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Positive News Committee

Who Are We?

We are the Kings Hill School positive news committee and we are passionate about identifying and sharing the positive things which are happening in our local community, country and the wider world. We meet with Mrs Andrews every week and we research and discuss current news stories both locally and internationally. We focus on the positive things which are occurring in the world because there are lots of them and we do not always hear about them. We use different children’s newspapers as well as Newsround to identify stories which we would like to discuss. At the positive news club, we share our thoughts on different stories and consider the impact that they have on us.

Positive News Club

How We Make A Difference...

We recognise the importance of spreading the positive things which are happening in our world with others. We do this by sharing positive news stories through our school’s newsletter on a termly basis. We work together to write up news stories which we have identified as being incredibly important and of course positive.

Our News