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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Sport Enrichment

We believe that children learn to their best potential when they are given opportunities to develop their physical fitness. Not only does being active help to keep their bodies healthy, but it enables mental well-being and happiness too.

Sport at Kings Hill School 

At Kings Hill School we:

  • Take part in a whole school fitness challenge each term. For example we have taken part in a whole school skipathon. 
  • Compete in inter-house activities in our school houses at Sports Day.
  • Give children many opportunities to represent the school in external competitions, e.g. football, tennis, cricket, district sports etc
  • Learn to swim in Key stage two usually in Year 4 with the opportunity to go swimming for a second time in Year 6 to ensure that children reach their 25 metres. 
  • Join different extra-curricular clubs throughout the school year such as cross-country, tag rugby, football, multi-skills, netball, gymnastics, dance, cricket, tennis and mountain biking
  • Invite specialist sports coaches to enhance our PE curriculum across the whole school, e.g PASS from Aylesford Sports College and a mountain biking instructor to provide the opportunity to learn off road biking skills in KS2. 

Mountain Biking at Kings Hill School

As part of our exciting Sports curriculum, children in KS2 enjoy mountain biking sessions on our fabulous grounds with our own Orbea and Saracen bikes and helmets that were purchased last year by the KHSF.

The sessions take place with Ollie Ireland, who is a fully qualified primary teacher and mountain bike instructor from Track n Trail Biking. 

The sessions follow 5 learning outcomes including ’riding over bumpy ground with control’ and ’maintaining speed whilst cornering.’ The sessions also maintain and improve fitness, practice teamwork and inspire a love of the outdoors. The aim is also to generate an interest in biking and improve core skills that the children will want to continue afterwards.

We have developed a permanent cycling trail through the grounds. The children love mountain biking on our grounds and this has been a huge success in providing more sporting opportunities for children. 




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