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Phonics and Reading

We are very proud of our success and commitment to phonics and reading. We believe these are the vital starting blocks of academic success and life skills.

In 2016 we won two awards related to reading!


And in 2017 we won an award for the best school library in Tonbridge and Malling!

Guidance on supporting reading at home, please click below!

How do children learn to read at Kings Hill?

During their time at Kings Hill School children work through a variety of reading schemes encompassing a range of genres such as fiction, non-fiction and comics that are book banded according to different levels. The teacher will inform you via your child’s Reading Record Book the level at which your child is reading.

Our approach to teaching reading is wide ranging and includes regular group reading sessions, individual reading, library sessions, reading with other classes and children. We also use ‘reciprocal reading’ in KS2 and for more able readers in KS1.

We primarily use the Collins Big Cat scheme with Read at Home, All Aboard, Storyworld, Oxford, Rigby Star and Word practice books as supplements and enrichment to this.

Children are encouraged to read daily at home. 


We follow the letters and sounds framework supported by the Collins Big Cat scheme and all children do a daily phonic session to develop reading, writing and spelling skills from Year R to 2.  

Children may continue to have small group phonics sessions if they need it in KS2.

Reception teachers run a phonics sessions at the beginning of the academic year for parents. Year One teachers also run an information workshop about the Phonics Screening check.

Our Librarians

Our Year 6 librarians do a fantastic job of inspiring reading for everyone. They help facilitate the opening of the library every lunchtime which allows children across the school to take books home to read regularly.

We regularly hold book fairs and use the commission to buy new books for classes.

The librarians and Mrs Etheridge organise new books for every class following on from successful commission after regular book fair weeks. New books are often presented in special assemblies to the whole school led by the Year 6 librarians. Books are carefully selected for each year group and the rest of the school are always delighted with the choices !

Reading Dogs

Duke is our Reading Dog ! Duke has even won an award !

We began our Reading Dog intervention back in 2014 as a way of encouraging children to read. As a school we have a strong ethos that every child should leave primary school being able to read and really enjoy a good book. We found that those children who were reluctant to read often felt that they 'couldn't do it' or 'would get it wrong' so would rather not.

We introduced the children to Duke, our reading dog, who loves to just sit and listen. He doesn't correct their phonics or ask the children to explain what they have read, he simply listens and the children love reading to him. When the children attend they explain to Duke what he's missed in the story since their last visit, our way of ensuring they carry on reading when Duke isn't around. They then read to him while stroking him and tickling his tummy. Duke's impact on the joy of reading at Kings Hill school has been immeasurable, as such this year we entered the 2017 National SEN Awards for Most Innovative Intervention and won !