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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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School Meals

At Kings Hill School we use TCS Independent Ltd as our meal provider.

Please click here to see further payment information.

How much will a school meal cost?

The school meals will cost £2.50. Children in Years R to 2 will still be eligible for universal free school meals.

How do I pay for my child’s meals?

Payment for school meals should be made online via

Do I have to pre-order food choices even if my child is in Year R to Year 2 ?

Yes – Even if your child is entitled to a Universal Free School Meal (Reception to Year 2) you will still need to pre-order your child’s food choices online although obviously no payment will be required.

When should I order my child’s food?

Please pre-order your child’s food by Sunday evening at midnight in time for the week ahead.

Can I pay by cash?

You may still pay by cash but you will need to include a copy of the menu and circle your child’s choices for the week ahead with your payment. This can be handed to the office or via your child’s teacher first thing on a Monday morning. We recommend that you use the online payment system where possible.

How do I pre-order if I do not have a computer at home or my broadband is down?

We will always keep copies of the menu in the school office. You may call the office to request that a menu is sent home to you so you can manually circle your child’s choices or you can pick up a menu from the office in person.

Why do I need to order my child’s choices in advance?

At present children choose their meals at morning registration time in the classroom and this can take teachers a long time to go through the choices for all 30 children. Therefore valuable learning time is spent talking about lunch options rather than learning and this learning time can be maximised if parents are making choices online with their children at home. It is important that parents do discuss food options with their children in advance and either make their payment and choices online or pre-order their choices online if your child is a universal free school meal. If you forget to do this, then your child will still of course get a school meal but they may not have the full choice at the counter.

What do I need to do if my child has a food allergy?

TCS will be able to cater for food allergies. Please contact them directly to let them know more about your child’s allergy. You can contact them on 01474 338739 / 07899983554.

TCS are a company based in Northfleet and they provide catering services to primary schools based in Kent, Essex and London. They source food from many local suppliers and ensure meals comply with government standards. Children will also be offered the salad bar and bread with their meals.

TCS also team up with Roots to Food who offer cooking and fitness workshops. We are very excited that Roots to Food will be visiting our school this November. More information can be found at

We look forward to welcoming TCS and ensuring that our school meals continue to be affordable and healthy for all our children.