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Absence Requests

We do expect high attendance for all pupils and leave of absence is only authorised for exceptional circumstances.

From September 2013 the Department for Education has amended the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 1996 removing the Headteacher's ability to authorise leave of absence for family holidays and days out. Request for leave in term time will not be authorised as the regulations only allow the Headteacher to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.

Examples of exceptional circumstances are as follows:

  • For service personnel and other employees who are prevented from taking holidays outside term time (evidence required).
  • When a family needs to spend time together to support each other during or after a crisis.

If you need to make a request for absence, please use the following form. Thank you.

Absence Request Form

If your child requires time off for GP / Hospital / Dental appointments you do not need to complete an absence form, but in order for us to authorise this time off, you are required to send proof of your appointment to