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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Outdoor Learning

At Kings Hill we are fortunate to have fantastic grounds of approximately five acres and a member of staff dedicated to outdoor curriculum based learning. We have five outdoor learning zones including; the pond area and bird reserve, the whispering woods, polytunnel, wildflower meadow and storytelling circle.

How do our children get involved?

  • Each year our polytunnel is filled with fruit and vegetables grown by all year groups from seed. Harvested produce is used in the school kitchen or sold to parents on a stall run by the children.
  • Children can experience den building in the Whispering Wood and imaginative play on our wooden bridge.
  • They learn about science and maths through outdoor learning, for example pond dipping and data collection. This year the theme of our Science and Maths week was 'Science and Maths in Nature.'
  • Art is explored through natural resources.
  • The wildflower meadow is a tranquil spot. Children use sweep nets to find insects and investigate parts of a flower.
  • Learn about sustainable living through environment themed weeks.
  • Themed outdoor learning days are linked to other curriculum areas such as English and History, for example Robin Hood, The Hobbit, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Stick Man, Anglo Saxons and Knights and Castles Day.


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