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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Healthy Schools

Kings Hill School recognises the importance of children staying healthy and fit for their own well-being, health and fitness.

Eating Healthily

We encourage children to eat healthily either through a nutritious school meal that has met school food standards set by the government or by a having a well-balanced packed lunch. Sweets, sugary drinks and chocolate are not permitted.

Keeping Hydrated

Children are allowed to bring water bottles to school with them every day as we believe it is vital for a healthy mind and body. Children may also use the water fountains around the school. Our pupils also recognise the importance of water for countries that have limited fresh water supplies, for example children have held a charity event for Water Aid as part of the 'Make a Difference' citizenship project in Year 3.

Physical Activity and Fitness Challenges

Physical activity is encouraged and fully supported in every way. As a school all children take part in three fitness challenges each year and our school takes part in many sporting competitions such as football, netball and kwik cricket. Our fitness challenges have comprised a skipathon, dance off and Olympic athletics. This is all in addition to the PE curriculum.

Active Extracurricular Activities

The school offers a vast number of extracurricular opportunities that encourage healthy living; gymnastics, tag-rugby, dance, tennis to name but a few. 

Maximising Lunchtimes and Playtimes

At lunchtimes our Year 5 play leaders help to encourage physical activity and our Mid-day supervisors set up daily play activities on the playground for children to enjoy. This includes activities such as outdoor table tennis, hockey and ball against the A-frames.

The Importance of Fruit and Vegetables - Growing our own

We also grow our own fruit and vegetables in our polytunnel and our kitchen use what we grow ! All children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One have daily fruit or vegetables at break times. Children in Key Stage Two are able to bring in their own fruit and our Year 6 run a healthy tuck shop We are also a NUT free school !

Smoke Free

Our school site is a smoke free zone. Please find below the link to the nhs smokefree website for further guidance if needed. It is vital that children are not exposed to smoking.

Roots to Food Workshops

We also work in collaboration with 'Roots to Food' every year, provided by our Catering Company TCS Independent to promote learning about health education and well being.

Roots to Food have delivered annual workshops to the whole school to enhance cooking within the curriculum, knowledge of food types and what constitutes a balanced meal. KS2 children were able to take part in a competitive cooking challenge while KS1 took part in fun food fitness workshops.

Children in KS2 were presented with ingredients - they were then presented with a challenge to make a healthy balanced meal from the ingredients.

The children thought carefully about balancing the food groups and looked carefully at the origin of the ingredients to get inspiration for the creation of the dishes. Could they do it?

With help from the audience the two dishes were decided – Twice cooked parmesan chicken with spring onion pasta and a chunky salsa for the Orange team and Yoghurt marinated salmon with pilau rice and sag aloo for the Green team.


Please click below if you would like to view the recipe for these dishes to make at home.

Twice Cooked Parmesan Chicken

Tandoori Spiced Salmon

If you would like to find out more about Roots to Food, please visit their website