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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Year Six Residential

In the final term of Year 6, the children and several teaching staff embark on an exciting week to a PGL centre in the South East of the country. We depart by coach on Monday after lunch and return on Friday afternoon with very happy, but exhausted children. Children share cabins that sleep 6 (with a bathroom) and join additional classmates during the day for various activities; we start bright and early each morning, so staff ensure that children go to bed at a suitable time!

What do the children do there ?

There are four activities in each full day, for example Giant Swing, High Ropes, Raft Building and Abseiling. These take place under the close supervision of PGL staff and our own teachers, who encourage and support all the children to achieve their best, often trying something completely new in the process. No-one is compelled to participate in a particular exercise, but even the least confident children manage to come away from the week, feeling that they have surpassed themselves at something. There are also evening activities, which might take the form of a quiz or a team game; the disco on the last night is usually a popular event......

PGL provide breakfast, lunch or tea for each of the various mealtimes during our stay, and the wide ranging choice of options has proven to be very popular with all the children; special dietary requirements are catered for, with teaching staff making the centre aware of these at the time of booking.

 These are some quotes from last year’s participants:

I thoroughly enjoyed PGL and I managed to exceed my friends’, my teachers’ and my own expectations by reaching the top of Jacobs Ladder, despite being one of the smallest year 6 boys
I really enjoyed the food, especially the curry!
Out of all the school trips that I have ever had, PGL has been the best by far. Before I went I was petrified of heights I didn’t even like going up ladders. After one day at PGL my fear of heights had completely vanished and now I love heights. The memories that I have from PGL have one thing in common, I was having fun!!! An activity I really enjoyed was raft building. In a team we designed and made our own raft and tested it out on the pond at PGL. People always say that working in a team and trusting others is something we should do but it isn’t always that easy. Going to PGL taught me how to do just that and more. It was a great way to end year 6 and prepare me for the future.
The staff were so nice and didn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do, plus the cooked breakfast was lovely!