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Charity Committee

At Kings Hill School, we value the importance of helping others and this is embedded throughout our school values and ethos. Children are reflective; learning to understand the significance of fund raising, the enrichment of diversity, and the importance of supporting others. One way that this is delivered is through assemblies, newsletters and blogs, often prepared and delivered by The Charity Committee.

Kings Hill School it is not simply about raising lots of money, but about children truly understanding how their action has an impact on others. We believe that this deeper understanding will empower children to make informed decisions and help them to develop into responsible, empathic young citizens. 


Terms 1 & 2 - 2015/2016

A large cohort of Year 6 pupils formed our first Charity Committee. They were, and still are, enthusiastic and inspiring individuals who took responsibility and ownership for agreeing a worthwhile cause. Many events were organised and lots of funds raised.

  • Children donned purple and baked purple cakes for PorchLight, a local charity who help homeless young people. £900 was raised.
  • At Christmas, over 100 boxes stuffed with treats and essentials, were sent on their way to underprivileged children across the world (via Santa and The Samaritan’s Operation Christmas Child, of course!)
  • £500 of poppies were sold, Christmas jumper day resulted in  £250 for The Kent Hospice, and Pudsey Bear strutted his stuff for Children in Need - £650 was raised.

 Terms 3 & 4 - 2015/2016

The Helping Hands (a smaller, subsidiary group of the committee) decided to get to know the older generation in our community, and duly invited some of the residents of Lavenders Care Home to a special tea. The pupils served their homemade cakes, and shared a cup of tea and a chat with the residents. The bingo was popular, and the nail painting a big hit. The residents had a wonderful time…and so did all of the pupils!

The chatting highlighted to everyone how precious this simple gesture is.

Terms 5 & 6 - 2015/2016

In Terms 5 and 6 Year 3 took part in the 'Make A Difference Challenge' in partnership with Go Givers.  We are proud to announce that we were the WINNERS of this worthwhile challenge !

Year 3 made the journey to Sevenoaks to present their Make a Difference Challenge alongside several other schools in Kent. There were a variety of age groups presenting, but Kings Hill School were the youngest there.

Penguins’ Class had spent the whole term learning about WaterAid and thinking of ways to help with the problem. A LemonAID sale on the playground raised valuable funds for the charity, and the hope was that this would help purchase a pump to clean the dirty water. They also completed chores at home to raise money, and collected the coins in water bottles. They delivered this message clearly and creatively to those listening at the presentation, and even sang a rendition of ‘Singing in the rain’ at the end.

Polar Bears’ Class on the other hand, spent the term learning about their chosen charity - WWF. They decided to hold a ‘ Wear it Wild Day’ and children donated money in return for wearing weird and wonderful hair styles, which was great fun. Again, they delivered a perfect presentation that captured the essence of their learning.

The Make a Difference Challenge enabled the children to truly understand the significance of their chosen charity. They become fully involved, using many key life skills, and showing lots of essential values in action, such as democracy and tolerance.

We are delighted to announce that YEAR 3 were worthy WINNERS of the Make A Difference Challenge.


Terms 1 and 2 - 2016/2017

The Year 6 Charity Committee are delighted to announce that £433 was raised as a result of Silly Socks for Slide Away in Term 1.

Slide Away support bereaved children and young people, and the money raised will be gratefully received. This term Slide Away have provided bereavement training for all of our teaching assistants.

Following last year’s successful campaign, Kings Hill School will again be taking part in Operation Christmas Child in Term 2. The leaflets that were sent home give details of how you can help provide vulnerable children with a precious Christmas gift.


Terms 3 and 4- 2016/ 2017

In Term 3, we were learning about safety and were shocked to hear about the many road accidents that occur. As part of our safety week, we decided to raise awareness for:-

By having a non-uniform day, and baking cakes, we raised essential funds for the charity. As always, there were plenty of cakes to sell and we raised a staggering £983.69 for this worthy cause. Brake have asked us to pass on a huge thank you for your generosity.

“Every penny you have raised will go towards Brake’s dedicated work preventing road death and injury and supporting people bereaved or injured in road crashes.”

At the start of Term 4, the charity committee spent time researching charitable organisations during their weekly meetings, and thinking about other ways to support charities, without necessarily raising money. They concluded that being charitable was about helping people in other ways too. With this in mind, they contacted a local home for the elderly and made arrangements to spend some time with them in Term 5. We look forward to welcoming Lavenders for tea and cake, and a game of bingo, in May.

Red Nose Day is always a popular choice, as it is an opportunity to be a little silly, whilst at the same time helping a deserving cause.

Noses were ordered and the charity committee set about selling these at playtimes in the lead up to the big day. They were an instant hit, which led to us selling out very quickly. We sold hundreds! We raised a huge amount - £782!

Terms 5 and 6- 2016/ 2017

It was lovely to meet up again with our lovely friends from Lavenders Home for the Elderly. They told us how much they enjoy visiting us and even had residents on a reserve list! The children had kindly baked cakes, and there was a huge array of delights to tempt our guests. This went down well with a nice cup of tea.

The moment they arrived, we knew they were going to be fun!
Very fun to be around and good at BINGO !
We liked to hear all their stories.

 We talked about everything, and found out a lot about each other. They explained how they have their own choir, and how much they enjoy a sing song. So we all had a good old sing song together – including a song in French! Children from Year 2 and Year 3 also joined us to enjoy the cake and have a game of Bingo.

The children even carried out risk assessments before the visit and thought carefully about whether they might have any allergies and how they would help them get to the toilets.


Charity Update - June 2017

Thank you to everyone who returned the charity fundraising request forms. It is clear from your very emotive responses, that many of us have a close connection with a particular cause, often as a result of a loved one becoming ill. It is unfortunate that we cannot help every single charity, and so we will hold a fundraising event to support the 3 charities with the most votes.

Those charities are:

On Friday 23rd June we will be holding a ‘Something Close to You’ fundraising event. Children may donate £1 and come to school dressed as a superhero or real hero. Collection buckets will also be available for parents and carers to make additional donations at the start and end of the day. We are hoping to sell additional items throughout the week, and will inform you about this nearer the time.

Please give generously. These particular charities mean a lot to the pupils and their families at Kings Hill School. Cash proceeds will be split equally between all 3 charities. Cheques will go directly to the charity named.

Thank you as always for your support.

Terms 1 and 2 - 2017/2018

The first charity committee was held at the very start of the term. As always, many of our Year 6 pupils were keen to get involved. Our first event was to raise awareness of PANDA. Jack gave a passionate speech to the whole school, explaining that it is a Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS). This can sometimes lead to people developing a ‘tick’.

The committee organised a raffle to raise money for PANDAS. £597.62 was given to PANDAS UK.

November was a busy month!

First the committee set about raising awareness of our heroes – past and present. A simple video animation was added to the display board. This helped deliver the important message to even the youngest of our pupils.

The Poppy Appeal was embraced by all, and a variety of items sold throughout the school.

A massive £594.65 was raised.

After this, came Anti Bullying Week and Children in Need.

We decided to combine the two events and wear odd socks to school. £364      was shared equally between the two charities.

During December, we invited back our lovely friends at Lavenders Care Home to watch the Year 2 Christmas Production. As always, our Year 6 children were attentive and respectful, helping our guests to their seats and enjoying a lovely chat with them. Due to illness, they were unable to return the following week to make Christmas decorations with us. However, we hope to do something similar when everyone is back to full health.


Term 3 and 4 - 2017/2018

We started the new year with a charity close to the hearts of the committee – juvenile diabetes.

Whilst we already knew quite a lot about juvenile diabetes, we researched the condition further to help us better understand it.

What is juvenile diabetes?

Juvenile diabetes is a term that is used to refer to type 1 diabetes. It is also known by the name of insulin dependent diabetes. It got the name 'juvenile diabetes', due to its prevalence in children and adolescents. However, juvenile or type 1 diabetes can affect individuals of any age group.

 On a cold January day, we wore our own clothes to school and each made a donation to the charity.

We raised £392.47

There are always so many children throughout the school who want to support a charity. However when these Year 4 boys approached the committee, we couldn’t fail to be impressed. Armed with their ‘business plan’ the boys delivered a pitch explaining how they were prepared to donate their own trading cards, which they would then sell on to others at school. It was a win –win situation with pupils able to purchase cards at a fraction of the cost, and a load of money going to their chosen charity. Excellent work boys!

The boys raised £192.80 for Mencap!

Image result for sports relief






We planned an exciting week of events for Sports Relief. Each day had a different sporting theme, with the committee organising and running the events during lunchtimes. The Monday mile was popular, with children running laps of the field. Tennis Tuesday, Winning Wednesday and Throwing Thursday were all great fun.



 Term 5 and 6 - 2017/2018

 We started Term 6 by supporting Sports Relief. The committee recognised the importance of raising funds, but also wanted everyone to get more involved in sporting activities. During the week, children planned and managed their own Daley Challenge – inspired by Tom Daley. The following events were enjoyed by many during their lunch break.

Mile Monday

Tennis Tuesday

Winning Wednesday

Throwing Thursday

Fun Friday

Each activity involved sporting opportunities for all age groups.

 Finally on Friday, children wore their favourite sports clothes to school and each donated towards this important charitable event. £425 was raised for Sports Relief!



Year 6 took on their own challenges, and in groups raised awareness for their chosen charity. First they pitched their business plan in a Dragon’s Den style presentation. They then organised and run their own stalls at the Summer Fete.



The children managed to raise hundreds of pounds for their chosen charities.


It was also a busy time for Year 3, who took part in the Make a Difference Challenge.

The children worked exceptionally hard to firstly decide on a charity to support, then raising awareness for the cause.

Water Aid, The RSPCA and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance were all worthy recipients of Year 3’s efforts. The children held various events, including a concert! They raised hundreds of punds for their charities. Well done Year 3!



Term 1 and 2 2018/2019

 The Charity Committee decided to raise money for a very worthwhile cause - Anaphylaxis Awareness. There are a number of children in our school with severe nut allergies so this is something that all the children take very seriously.

The children made a trail out of coins and wrote the word 'Allergies' and raised a respectable £240.

 Term 3 and 4 2018/2019

 Book Club Visit to Lavenders

‘A Novel Idea’ had the privilege of visiting Lavender Care Home as part of World Book Day. We wanted to share the book (The Bubble Boy) that we are currently reading as part of our lunchtime book club and hopefully find out a little about some of the resident’s favourite books.

Upon arriving, the children received a warm welcome and then proceeded to take turns to read to the residents, sharing the story of The Bubble Boy. After, we had time to have a little chat about what we had been reading and our thoughts about the events of the story so far. It was a lovely afternoon for the children and the residents – we even got a cheer for our fantastic reading. There has been lots of positive feedback from both children and Lavenders, we have even been invited back for another visit!

Comic Relief

The Charity Committee raised a non-uniform day for Comic Relief and children across the school met in their House Families to design their own red noses.

We raised a fantastic £904.92 !

 Term 5 and 6 2018/2019