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Award Winning Library

We are delighted that we won an award for the ’Best School Library’ by the KM Literacy Awards in 2017. We have also been successful by winning the ’Best Promotion of Reading for Pleasure’ and the ’Most Engaging Book Theme Week' in recent years.

We enjoy coming up here every week because there is a big variety of books and it is a calm place to read.


 How do we use our library ?

Our library is a highly valued resource. We have well trained pupil librarians who are organised by Mrs Etheridge and are Reading Ambassadors for the school. So many children are keen to be librarians that we operate a termly rota. Existing librarians then train new recruits and Year 5 volunteers are identified in the summer term so there is plenty of time to train them and share knowledge.

Being a librarian is great as it means you are an important part of the school community, it's also great because we can promote our love of reading to young minds.
The books are very good because they're funny and they inspire me to keep reading to make my brain work. I go there every day because I enjoy books so much that I have stacks of books at home.

There is a library timetable where different year groups can visit the library at lunchtimes and the librarians help children to choose books. The library loaning software system has also been updated. Our library environment is inviting and inspirational with posters of celebrities reading books and comfy sofas to relax and enjoy a book.

We have regular book reviews where prizes are won. There is also a ‘What the Librarians are Reading’ board to help children choose books that may be of interest to them and displays such as ’Book Series of the Month.’ Book swaps take place regularly and our enthusiastic librarians help promote all of our events. Author visits also generate interest in their publications which are also purchased for the library. Travelling Book Fairs are a regular feature and are well supported. At least £4000 has been spent on the library in the last year !

A massive well done and thank you to Mrs Etheridge (Library Coordinator), Mrs Genc (English Leader) and our fantastic Year 6 Librarians !

I think that the library is great and I love all the books in there. The librarians are great and they serve really well. It inspires people to read books and be librarians.
The library is a very quiet place. Whenever I go there and read I feel like I am watching whatever is happening in the story. Everyone is interested in all the books and feel all different emotions while reading. We also get to reserve books, which I find quite good because if I want a book, then the librarians will keep it safe and sound for me, with my name, date and my class. I really enjoy being in the library.

What improvements have we seen?

We have significantly increased the use of our library over the last few years.

Attitudes towards reading have improved and children utilise the library every lunch time; there is genuine excitement in each class when it is their turn to spend time there !



Top Ten Books for Key Stage Two

Children from Years 3 to 6 voted for the top ten books to read for each year group. Please follow the links below to see what the children recommend to read !

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