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Kings Hill School Primary & Nursery

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Kings Hill School is a community school and as such our admissions policy is set by Kent County Council in order with the local authority’s Co-ordinated Scheme for Primary Admissions.

 Admission Numbers

The school’s published admission number for September 2023 (PAN) is 60

Kings Hill School has one intake per year

 Application Procedure

Kings Hill School follows the procedures, timetable and deadlines set by Kent County Council. Parents will have the opportunity to visit the school and we will contact people who have registered an interest in Kings Hill School.

An admissions application form has to be completed at the appropriate time, online, and returned to Kent County Council. More information about the admissions process can be found here.

Kent County Council allocates places based on the criteria for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools:-

  • Children in Local Authority Care
  • Current Family Association (sibling)
  • Health and Special Access Reasons
  • Nearness of Children’s Home to School


If you would like to appeal a school offer, then please click here

A copy of our admissions policy can be found here.